Standard warranty

Subject to the limitations below, i-17 Used Auto Parts (herein referred to as seller), expressly warrants most parts for 6 months, or term as noted on invoice, to the original purchaser with stipulations noted below. All warranty claims must be accompanied with the original receipt. The warranty provides for an exchange of the part with another part unless exchange or repair is not available. If replacement part is unavailable, a full parts credit will be provided. Warranty period starts from date of purchase.   Claims for adjustment or return due to defective or improper parts must be made in person and/or in writing within the warranty period. It is the responsibility of the buyer to return parts to seller, at buyers expense, for inspection of defect or improper part. The customer, in accordance with the original manufacturer’s installation instruction, must install all parts.  If the buyer purchases a replacement part prior to contacting the seller for any potential warranty issues, the most you will potentially receive is a parts credit for the part.  There will be no refunds available. Parts have an exchange warranty for part or parts credit only, no cash refunds, unless noted on invoice. Warranty period starts from date on invoice. All parts being returned are subject to acceptance by seller and are subject to a 25% handling and restocking charge, if accepted. Body sections that have been cut off to order are not returnable. Deposits for special order parts or parts shipped in for customer are non-refundable. No deposits will be returned after 30 days.  Not responsible for any item left after 30 days.  Items left after 30 days will be restocked and resold at i-17 Used Auto Parts discretion.  The parts must be in the same condition as when sold upon return. It is agreed that the sole determiner of condition for return is the Seller. Buyer agrees to any inspection or method of inspection dictated by Seller and agrees Seller has the right not to accept returned used merchandise if in Seller’s discretion, Seller believes condition of used merchandise has changed from date of sale.

Buyer affirms that before entering into this agreement, Seller requested that buyer examine the parts or merchandise, to ascertain whether there were defects therein, that Seller afforded to buyer an adequate opportunity to make such examination before buyer entered into this agreement and that buyer has examined the goods as fully as buyer desires for the purpose of determining whether there are defects or safety hazards. Seller states that it in no way guarantees or warrants used merchandise for apparent or non-apparent safety hazards and affirmatively states that used parts or merchandise sold may have safety hazards, and it is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect for actual or latent safety hazards or hire an expert to so inspect.

All parts are sold with an exchange part required, unless stated otherwise on invoice. Exchange parts must be available at the time of purchase, or a core charge may be applied. The core charge will be refunded if the exchange parts are returned within 30 days and are similar kind to parts sold. Core exchanges become the property of seller upon acceptance.  Disposition and utilization of core exchange will be that the discretion of seller.  It is the customers’ sole responsibility to insure that any items needed by customer are removed from core exchange, by customer, prior to releasing to seller.  Warranty will be voided if exchanged part is not returned within 30 days.

The following limitations apply: Failure of Buyer to do any of the following items voids the warranty:



  1. Change the oil and filter prior to starting engine.
  2. Replace any parts recommended in writing by Seller.
  3. Make sure heat tabs on engine are in place and secure.
  4. Flow check radiator and all components of cooling system and repair and/or replace as needed.
  5. Install a new thermostat.
  6. Install new water pump. In addition, the following will void the warranty:
    • Over heating the engine as indicated by the heat tab.
    • Running engine with insufficient oil.
    • Oil changes must be completed per original manufacturer’s recommendations.
    • Missing identification markings or heat tabs on the engine. Engine warranty does not extend to any attachments or accessories items, unless specifically noted in writing at time of sale. Engines are not warranted for leaks. Buyer must return engines, at Buyer’s expense, to Sellers facility, in the vehicle for inspection for determination of any warranty resolution. It is recommended that purchaser replace all timing chains and/or timing belts. Engines are not guaranteed to pass emissions.


Blocks are warranted for cracks and machinable to industry standard maximum specifications. Heads are warranted for cracks and warpage. Cranks are warranted to be machinable to industry standard maximum specifications. No other parts are warranted unless specified in writing at time of sale.



  1. Change the oil and filters per manufactures specifications.
  2. Flush all cooling lines and coolers prior to installation.
  3. Properly adjust detent cables or rods per manufacturer’s specifications.
  4. Properly adjusting all shifting apparatus.
  5. Change linkage, wiring and sensors as necessary.
  6. Properly align torque convertor with pump (automatics).  In addition the following will void the warranty:
    • Inadequate or transmission coolers not functioning properly.
    • Water in transmission fluid.
    • Overheating transmission.
    • Missing identification stamps or markings on assembly. External seals are not guaranteed and should be replaced per manufactures instructions.


A/C system must be completely flushed, receipt for a new orifice tube or inline filter installation, new accumulator/dryer to be installed, and new oil and refrigerant installed per original manufacturer’s instructions.  Failure to complete all of these items will void this warranty.

Seller does not warranty labor associated with the installation or removal of any part or merchandise unless specified on invoice. Seller has no liability for ancillary damages, including without limitations, towing, storage, telephone, lodging, rental car, lost wages, or replacement costs in excess of original part. Parts are warrantied for normal on road use only. Buyer’s sole remedy against Seller shall be an exchange of the part or refund of original part price less any applicable restocking charges per the above terms and conditions.  Any issues to be resolved through litigation will be conducted in the jurisdiction of Phoenix Arizona, county of Maricopa, Arizona.

Extended Warranties Are Available – Ask Your Salesperson For Details.

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